Can utilising e-learning save money?

Can utilising e-learning save money?

By employing the use of our eLearning platform, we are very confident that you can save substantial amounts of money delivering your training.

Overall you can run a distance learning course with a minimal financial outlay. You do not need to hire tutors to teach face to face however on a blended learning course some face to face teaching may be required. The initial cost of the e-learning may be higher, however once it is created and live the cost is minimal.

E-learning courses require the setting up and time of resources and information that you require to present to your students/learners. Once the e-learning has been designed and produced. You will require a member of the team to manage learners and track progress using the tracking software.

At Enterprise Learning Academy we realise that time is money and our e-learning software will allow you to save time while producing a valuable product. As a training provider you will recuperate your money from the initial start-up costs in a short time frame dependent on the cost of your courses.

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