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Enterprise Learning Academy (ELA) is one of the fastest growing e-learning providers in the UK. We have created an industry leading online learning platform which has been designed to enhance the quality of online learning.

We at ELA have created a ground-breaking e-learning platform which we believe is the future for training and training providers. ELA can drastically reduce your costs while still offering the high-quality training you aim to provide.

With every e-learning package being custom built to your own specification, incorporating your own training content and media, we believe that once you’re on board with ELA, you’ll never look back.

Every aspect of our e-learning system has been researched and tested to make it a user friendly, streamlined platform which is as easy to use for the training provider as it is for the learner.

Features include:

  • Bespoke built e-learning platform to suit your specific needs
  • Upload/add/edit your own content instantly
  • Track your learner's progress
  • Assess and grade your learner's work and give feedback
  • Instant communication with learners
  • Training resources available to your learners that are accessible anywhere
  • Web based platform which is also available on Apple and Android app stores

End to End Learning Experience

Each one of your students will have a personal learning experience, which will give them all the resources they need to complete their training. When they log into their user area they will instantly see a dashboard with information on how they are progressing, deadline dates and many other features which will give them the support they need. Their user area also includes components such as a File Manager in which they can upload their work to be assessed and marked by you - the training provider.

ELA’s e-learning platform is constantly evolving to keep up with and incorporate the latest technology, which means the training you offer will too!

Benefits include:

  • Learners can train ‘on the go’
  • You, the training provider, can offer high quality distance learning
  • Fun learning experience which the student can complete at their own pace
  • Great savings on bulk user subscriptions
  • Dedicated and experienced support team available to meet your needs
  • Enjoy instant results at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods
  • Blend your face-to-face learning with e-learning for a more comprehensive training experience
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