International e-learning software from ELA

International e-learning software from ELA
Enterprise Learning Academy provide a range of international e-learning software available for a variety of different businesses. No matter what the industry you work in or what you are studying for, you’ll find an e-learning software package to suit your requirements with ELA.


We are internationally recognised in countries throughout the world, including the UK, USA, China, Japan and Australia.


Bespoke e-learning packages

There are numerous advantages to participating in internationally recognised e-learning. International e-learning allows you to take the training and qualifications you have, and apply them to working or studying abroad.


Whether you want to take a gap year, spend a semester abroad or even make a permanent move overseas, e-learning software from ELA will most definitely widen your horizons.


Our internationally-recognised e-learning software packages can benefit a range of companies. If your company has various international locations, for example, it will be beneficial to have an e-learning software package that suits all the locations and staff of your business.


Enterprise Learning Academy’s international e-learning software packages are highly-regarded by a number of different training providers across the world.


What is included in an e-learning software package?

Our e-learning software packages include a range of different features that extremely effective and value for money.


Although e-learning is primarily website based, our highly-experienced support staff will provide learners with significant guidance throughout their learning experience. They will also have access to track the progress of the learners throughout the course.


Training providers can design and build their own courses with our fantastic e-learning software. Or, they may choose to use our prepared packages that feature our own, carefully created, learning materials. We even have a mobile app so that students can learn on-the-go.


Contact ELA for your e-learning software package

Enterprise Learning Academy are a well-established e-learning software provider who create effective and efficient educational software for a range of industries.


No matter whether you are looking for an international e-learning software package, an e-learning solution for UK based learning, or would simply like to find out more about our e-learning software packages, please contact us online or call one of our specialists on 01772 910 949.