Why is eLearning important?

elearning important

Why is eLearning important?

Training in the 21st Century is evolving. The world is becoming aware that people learn in different ways and at different speeds. Luckily, technology has also evolved to be able to offer people choices in which method of teaching suits them best. eLearning is one such instance.

I remember when I was young and learning to play the guitar. My father got me started, but I soon wanted to learn different styles like my rock start idols. Having no-one else to turn to, (and maybe an early example of eLearning) I would watch VHS after VHS (yes, I’m that old) of live concerts by my favourite bands and try to copy what they were playing. Praying that the camera was focussed on the guitarist when they were playing that all so important riff or chord.

Fast forward to now, and all that is required is a quick search of YouTube and hey presto… fifty people ready to show me how (some better than others)!

The point being… Information and skills that used to be passed down through textbooks/manuals and face to face teaching, can now be transformed into digital content. This doesn’t mean traditional methods should be abandoned, but it’s great to be able to offer the choice.

Everyone is different and not one teaching method applies to all. The beauty of eLearning is that it gives the learner flexibility to go at a pace that suits them. And when the content of the eLearning is well produced and structured, this can achieve fantastic results.

What we have tried to do with our eLearning platform is give you a blank canvas to structure your learning however you wish. We are evolving every day to get the best results for the end user.

Learning and growing – however we do it is ultimately a wonderful thing and if eLearning can help us achieve this, then given the option, we should take advantage.