How can I assess learners through E-learning?


How to Assess Using eLearning

Employing eLearning is an excellent method of assessing your students. With the e-learning software there are numerous ways to assess your learners through a number of methods. The interactive nature of e-learning allows a number of assessment methods and checks for learning.

Our new ePortfolio system keeps all your assessments online and gives the tutors, trainers, verifiers and managers access where they need it most.

Whether completing full apprenticeship qualifications with assessment and evidence gathering or simply to create surveys to give your business precious quality feedback, our ePortfolio is an indispensable tool.

Set many question types including:

  • Essay
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown Select
  • Sliding Scale
  • Text & Checkbox Grids
  • File Upload – Great for when video/picture evidence needs submitting

Customise your questions with pictures, videos and GIFs to create a fully immersive interactive experience.

Your tutors/trainers can take full control of marking and assessing the learner’s work. The platform provides instant feedback with the learner feeling reassured that they are in direct contact with you the training provider throughout their online assessment – making the process completely interactive.

There are also fun activities you can build into your e-learning content to check how well your learners are retaining their knowledge as they work through their course.

Mini Quiz – This will be multiple choice questions with a selection of answers, of which correct answers can be set.

Drag and drop – This is a visual assessment method. A diagram with missing words to complete a short paragraph about the topic areas. The learner must drag the correct label to the correct section.

Crossword – the questions will relate to a word on the crossword all related to the specific subject matter

If you have any further questions regarding assessment methods within our e-learning you can contact our support team today on 01772 910 949