What is an e-learning module?

An e-learning module is based around a specific topic area that your company wants to present to your learners. This module could include video presentations, visual presentations, images, audio clips and demonstrations all designed to reinforce learning.


The modules you design and implement will allow you as the provider to assess the learners understanding of the topic content through multiple assessment methods. The module can be any length depending on the amount of information you want to display.


A number of e-learning modules will make up the full course, this can be designed so they have free access to all modules or once they have completed a module they can move to the next one.


E-learning modules can support both full-time and part-time courses. It can reinforce specific classes, lecturers or seminars to ensure that the information is retained. With the smart tracking system you can track progress and ensure that the content covered is reinforced.


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