Can I design my own e-learning?

With enterprise learning academy’s e-learning software you can design and create a learning resource with your own content that is unique to any other training provider in your sector. Our team have experience in all sectors across all industries and understand the needs of training providers to offer a package that is valuable and market leading.

Our simple editors mean creating content is as easy as using word processing software. You can add pictures, videos, gifs, links and much more. Using our page templates will help you structure your content just how you want it.

If you are more advanced and like to use HTML code, this is also an option for you as we have a HTML code section built into the platform which allows you to embed more advanced features.

Our software allows our clients to design their very own e-learning platform that can be edited with logos brands, content, layout and many other features to make sure that your vision can become a reality. ELA will discuss your ideas in an initial consultation to ensure we build a detailed content specification and able to design what is needed to produce your desired e-learning package.

Contact our team today for more information about the design process and what we require from you on 01772 910 949