Cost effective learning management systems

Cost Effective Learning Management Systems
Enterprise Learning Academy provide cost effective learning management systems that can be used in various industries. No matter the sector you work in, we can deliver a learning management system that will save you money, whilst still giving a first-class education.

E-learning software can be tailored to suit specific industries and ELA work with clients to produce software that will suit all learners. Our cost-effective learning management system can enhance your organisation.

Create learning software packages that suit your organisation

By working closely with clients, we can understand how staff or students learn and tailor the software package to suit them.

For example, if staff would learn best from a quiz running throughout the piece of software, you can incorporate tests to ensure important information given in the presentation has been correctly understood.

Our cost-effective learning management software is recognised on an international level with ELA seen as one of the top training providers around the world. ELA’s international e-learning software packages can benefit learners who want to travel abroad with their qualification.

E-learning solutions for various industries

The cost-effective learning management software from ELA is popular amongst a range of industries and sectors.

It can be applied to sectors like accounting, business, catering, sports and leisure and more. Many businesses support e-learning software because they can input their own knowledge and information.

Whether you work in the fire service, logistics, marketing, sales, social work, transport or another industry, we can help you at ELA.

Contact ELA for cost-effective e-learning packages

If you are interested in our e-learning solutions, then please do not hesitate to contact us online and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, call our team directly on 01772 910 949.