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Enterprise Learning Academy (ELA) is one of the fastest growing e learning providers in the UK. We have created an industry leading online learning platform which has been designed to enhance online learning quality. As a coach/personal development professional, we at ELA believe that the flexibility our e-earning platform provides will be invaluable to you. You will be able to offer a range of courses to your students and have the capability of tracking, assessing and grading instantly all through our web based platform. You can upload, add and edit the content in your system as your courses evolve. Contact with your learners has never been quicker or more simple, with an instant messaging function and the ability for your students to upload their work which you can access instantly. As well as being accessible through any internet browser, our platform is also available to download as an app on both the Apple App store and the Android Play Store. Your learners need only an internet connection to benefit from the training you want to provide.

Features include:

Efficient and Effective Learning

Enterprise Learning Academy’s platform is so accessible that students can learn ‘on the go’ at their own pace, cutting down on face-to-face training, saving you time and money.

The beauty of ELA’s learning platform is that you can choose the features that suit your needs best and incorporate new components as your training courses develop.

Benefits include:


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