What are the benefits of using e-learning as a training provider?

E-learning is an engaging interactive method of learning that will allow students flexibility around their current lifestyle to complete learning revision and assessments. The popularity of e-learning has increased as information technology expands and accessibility to the internet continues to increase. Training providers are recognising the need to produce online resources to allow them to target different audiences. E-learning allows the learner the freedom to pick and choose when they want to login and learn.


The successful application of an e-learning platform as a learning tool will enable students to engage and interact with the course resources. ELA have analysed current research that suggests that interactive learning resources improve information retention and overall enjoyment of learning process. The retention of information has been shown to be improved through certain assessment methods and study materials through the e-learning platforms.


E-learning software is suitable for all course types including full time, part time, distance learning and blended learning. Our E-learning software is suitable for all courses as you can track your learners, assess them and provide a valuable learning tool to promote independent study.


Our smart tracking management system will enable you to track learners and highlight progress throughout the course duration. Our team will produce a professional product that will represent your company in the best image with your unique content, colour scheme and logo. As a training provider you will have a choice of different assessment methods within the e-learning portal, allowing you to assess different elements within your qualification.


The financial benefits of an e-learning platform for your company will help increase your profit margins through your training. The initial start-up fee will be high but the maintenance of the e-learning software will be affordable and will reduce costs for your training company. With the system taking over the roles of tutors wages, classroom hire and many other course costs.


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